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Ralf Rangnick Foundation - Ralf Rangnick speaks at the kick-off event


“I regard it as one of the tasks of our human existence to help each other and to stand up for each other. Education is the basis for a strong, sustainable society. And if we strengthen and enhance this basis, we can achieve wonderful things together.”


We strive to support children in their development into responsible, independent and capable young adults.

  • Promote children’s artistic talent and creativity

    Music & creative pursuits

  • Spark and encourage enthusiasm for science and technology


  • Enjoy and consciously experience healthy nutrition


  • Promote motor skills and body awareness in children in a targeted manner with sport



Ralf Rangnick is a soccer coach, sports director, and club manager. Soccer, as a sport and passion starting in his childhood, has decisively influenced his journey through life and his personal development.

Ralf Rangnick lives according to the motto ”I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” (from William Ernest Henley).

He launches things with ambition and perseverance, confident it will go well if you only have faith in it and are prepared to give everything to achieve your goal.
(photo: RB Leipzig)

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A strong

People who become involved in this foundation are the decisive factor for its joint success.

  • Ralf Rangnick - Member of the Board of the Ralf Rangnick Foundation
    Ralf RangnickFounder, Board of Directors
  • Kay Gregor - Member of the Board of the Ralf Rangnick Foundation
    Kay GregorBoard of Directors
  • Anett Martin - Commercial Director of the Ralf Rangnick Foundation
    Anett MartinCommercial Director

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Armin Fischer

Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick

Günther Jordan

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National project coordination
Manuel Hess

Medical consultant
Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter

Doreen Gerlach

Business network 
Anette Stapper, Markus Kossmann, Matthias Gabler, Laszlo Kiraly, Felix Weiß, Eugenie Lolies, Katja Kupfer

Stefanie Siemon, Kristin Koschel, Mareike Apelt, Karsten Tornow

Anika Gottschalk

Cooperations with universities 
Joana Wollweber

Educational consultant
Sabine Schiefer

Office assistant 
Anni Kühne