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Recognising &

According to a current study by the Robert Koch Institute, approximately 15% of children and adolescents are overweight – with many of these even being obese. As many as 40% suffer from chronic pain and 3 out of 4 children regularly take medication.

We want to combat this alarming trend, which is, e.g., caused by poor eating habits, lack of movement and chronic stress, through the work of our foundation.

Based on our vision “Education forms the basis for a strong and sustainable society.”, we focus on the aspects of a healthy diet, movement and music to tackle the causes of this negative trend.

Developed by professionals
for children

Professional athletes have to be healthy and fit – so, why not learn from them?

For years, the RB Leipzig footballers have successfully relied on a holistic concept of healthy eating and efficient muscle training, developed in cooperation with Ralf Rangnick and Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter.

We integrate the experience gathered in professional sports in our foundation projects and, as a result, offer the children a basis which, at the same time, promotes healthy habits and motivates them. After all, who wouldn’t want to be as fit as a professional athlete?


Healthy eating

through natural eating



Excess weight in childhood can quickly turn into a vicious circle. And, unfortunately, excess weight can also easily lead to metabolic disorders and obesity and even to type-2 diabetes.

Healthy eating habits play a key role in targeted prevention!

Therefore, tried and tested findings from the “Natural Eating” concept are used in our “cooking bus” project. With the straightforward traffic light system of the Glyco Plan, the children, in a “playing context”, get to know - and learn to remember - healthy foods.

is fun

Children need physical exercise!

However, especially in the fields of agility and body feeling, deficits have been increasing for years.

Simple “strength in stretching” exercises can help to counteract this – and they are even enjoyable while you are doing them.

These exercises are based on the so-called muscle fascia lengthening training, a concept successfully used in professional football to improve agility and performance and which we have included in our project work in an adapted form suitable for children.