Project "Companies go to school"

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation connects primary schools with learning sponsors in Leipzig.


Yesterday, 16 September 2019, the Ralf Rangnick Foundation awarded the title of Certified Learning Sponsor of the City of Leipzig (Zertifizierte Bildungsförderer der Stadt Leipzig) to around 30 companies at the Konsum headquarters in Leipzig. The foundation’s innovative sponsorship project provides around 30 Leipzig primary schools with strong partners from the regional economy, which will henceforth stand at their side as sponsors for the primary schoolers’ education facilities. More are planned. Pairing schools with local companies is the first step to sustainably improving the situation in relevant education areas for the purpose of a better future for the smallest members of the community, emphasised Ralf Rangnick, founder, initiator of the project and former RB Leipzig coach and sports director, currently Head of Sport & Development Soccer at Red Bull. Together we want to empower primary school-age children, enable them to have new experiences and promote their interests and talents.

The sponsorship project

In addition to fundamental offers by the Ralf Rangnick Foundation to primary schools in the areas of exercise, nutrition,  STEM, and creativity, sponsors from industry and trade will provide support for specific projects for one school each, with a financial budget in the amount of up to EUR 9,000 per school year. Ideally, these will not only be connected with the school curriculum, but rather also with social subjects and can be different from school to school. The sponsorship project’s long-term aim is to connect every primary school in Leipzig with at least one local sponsor company. Company sponsors enter a cooperation for one year with one of the primary schools with the aim of networking and enrichment through a hands-on partnership.

Participating schools

The following schools are among the partners from all of the districts of Leipzig to Taucha as of today’s date (subject to change): 100. Grundschule, 24. Grundschule, 31. Grundschule, Bernhard-Göring-Grundschule, 66. Grundschule, Hans-Christian-Andersen-Grundschule, Alfred-Kästner-Schule, Grundschule Pablo-Neruda, Schule am Flossplatz, Theodor-Körner-Schule, Fanny-Hensel-Schule, Geschwister-Scholl-Grundschule, Regenbogen-Grundschule, Clara-Wieck-Schule, Kurt-Masur-Schule, 33. Grundschule, Ernst-Pinkert-Schule, Grundschule Mölkau, Wilhelm-Busch-Schule, Schule am Leutscher Holz, Schule am Rabet, Schule am Auwald, Carl-von-Linné-Schule, 78. Grundschule, Evangelisches Schulzentrum, Friedrich-Fröbel-Schule, Aktive Schule Leipzig, Grundschule Auguste, Grundschule am Park Taucha, Marienbrunner-Schule, Nachbarschaftsschule, August-Bebel-Grundschule, Anna-Magdalena-Bach-Grundschule, Joachim-Ringelnatz-Schule, and 74. Grundschule.

Next steps

As of the current point in time, a structural analysis and investment planning have already been carried out by the Ralf Rangnick Foundation. By the end of the year, a delegation from the sponsor company will visit the corresponding partner schools at their respective locations. In this context, the schools will hold an event in the form of a school tour, sitting in on classes, an informal chat, or similar. Subsequently there will be an exchange on the company side. A delegation from the school will visit the sponsor company. The focus here is particularly on becoming acquainted with the working world and having excursions. A closing event in summer 2020 will offer space for reflexion, evaluation and a feedback session. Sustainability and network acquisition are just as much at the forefront as the evaluation of the project work.


About the Ralf Rangnick Foundation

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation strives to support children in their development into responsible, independent and capable young adults. The foundation’s vision is: Education is the basis of a strong, sustainable society. Created in 2018 by Ralf Rangnick, former RB Leipzig coach and sports director as well as current Head of Sport & Development Soccer Red Bull, the foundation team devotes itself to projects in the areas of exercise, nutrition, science and technology (STEM), as well as music and creativity.

Contact partners

Ms Ümit Appenzeller, Project coordinator
Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 2
04107 Leipzig


Ms Katja Rösener, Communication consultant
Engertstr. 5
04177 Leipzig