From one founder to another

Ralf Rangnick and foundation ambassador Henning Fritz paid a visit to patron Dietmar Hopp in Sinsheim.


Together with entrepreneur Winfried Rothermel, they shared their experiences and even got a chance to visit the newly opened Klima Arena, an educational centre focused around climate change.

By creating this scientific centre, the Dietmar Hopp Stiftung foundation is allowing adults and children to really get to grips with climate change first hand while raising awareness of what can be done for the environment in the long run. Bernd Welz – board member of NGO Klimastiftung für Bürger and director of the Klima Arena – took the visitors on a journey of discovery around the 1,400 square metre exhibition hall.

A mind-blowing project that comes just at the right time. It’s well worth a visit.


First image from left: foundation ambassador Henning Fritz, Dietmar Hopp, Ralf Rangnick and entrepreneur Winfried Rothermel