Kids Cycling Training project gets off to a good start – first school pupils receive cycling certificates

Together with Leipzig police department, we support the cycle training of a total of 5,000 primary school pupils in Leipzig and 4,000 pupils in the wider area. As part of the project, the Ralf Rangnick Foundation has bought two vans equipped with bikes, reflective vests and helmets to make sure the children have everything they need for their training.


The vans pulled up at Leipzig’s Clara Wieck primary school on 11 November 2019 to kick off the very first training session. The school’s older pupils were able to take part in the cycle training offered by Leipzig police prevention officers for an entire week.

The theoretical road safety elements had already been taught and tested by the class teacher as part of the pupils’ usual lessons.

It was now time for the children to put theory into practice on the road, following the instructions of the experts from the police department. Those who were already confident in their cycling skills practised how to turn correctly and were taught how to judge and get around obstacles. It was fantastic to see just how excited and eager the children were about the training, despite the rather serious topic.

On 18 November the time had come to graduate: a ceremony was held where police officer Mr Buchwald handed the class 4a pupils from Clara-Wieck primary school their cycling certificates. To receive their certificates, the children had not only to have successfully completed their practical training, but also their classwork and test on road safety. During the ceremony, Mr Buchwald emphasised: “If children are to cycle confidently on the roads, it is crucial that they also have plenty of practice with their parents, that they make themselves visible and safe on the roads with vests and helmets, and that they are aware and considerate of other road users.”

At this time of year, where there are more hours of darkness, it is more important than ever that children and their bikes can be seen on the road. This is why every pupil was handed not only a certificate but also a reflective vest.

Congratulations to everyone who got their certificates – stay safe and happy cycling!