The Ralf Rangnick Foundation promotes holiday recreation in the Czech Republic

30 June 2018 was the day: 60 children and seven carers boarded the buses to Humpolec in the Czech Republic, about an hour from Prague, for the start of an equally exciting and refreshing holiday camp.


August-Bebel-Schule's holiday camp has already had a long tradition – and for some of the children, the summer holiday camp is the only holiday or even their first holiday at all. An unfettered time, free from marks, school stress or problems at home, and instead concentrates on fun, playing, laughter and spending time together, says Philipp Streit, foundation spokesperson. The financing of the holiday period this year was anything other than guaranteed. Less than two months before the trip was due to start, the August-Bebel-Schule still lacked three-quarters of the money required for the financing.

Streit continues: I happened to be on a visit to the August-Bebel school and Ms Kallenbach told me about the situation. Moving all of the costs onto the participants was unthinkable as a school in this difficult area. This gave rise to the idea to help out. The way the project was described and the photo albums from previous years convinced me. It was clear to me: we have to help! Teaching staff and school social workers travel without pay with some of the pupils for a week to the holiday camp. They play sports together there, discover nature, play games, cook, go on walks. The kids build rafts, go swimming, learn archery, and how to prepare healthy meals quickly. Moreover, the pupils are able to get to know their teachers outside the school-day routine, and are thus able to experience an entirely different form of appreciation and encouragement.

August-Bebel-Schule’s summer holiday camp unites many aspects, such as sport, nutrition, and fostering kindness and empathy, for which the Ralf Rangnick Foundation stands, and to which it is devoted. Seeing the children at this summer camp was a wonderful experience. I was particularly moved by the conviction and the care shown by those looking after the kids.