The Ralf Rangnick Foundation gets involved in cycling training for Leipzig school children

The first information event for Leipzig primary schools took place on 17 April. With the aim of improving the education situation together with the pupils, the Ralf Rangnick Foundation wanted to know from the school management members attending what assistance they need.


A high level of support greeted the proposal of becoming involved in cycling training. This is a police commitment anchored by the Ministry in the syllabus to teach children how to act safely as a cyclist in street traffic. On two days, the kids learn the practical basis of behaviour in street traffic.

Unfortunately, due to changing conditions, the quality and continuity of the measure started to deteriorate in 1992. Now the Ralf Rangnick Foundation has contacted the various partners in order to change this. Every child in Leipzig should ride a bicycle and be able to ride safely in street traffic!

We are still in the middle of the planning phase, which is why I cannot provide information about everything in this respect yet. Only this much: I rate the first joint steps as positive. The contact and planning work with the representatives of the Leipzig police department, and also the Leipzig road patrol (Messestadt Verkehrswacht) and other partners, has gone well. Philipp Streit, our foundation spokesperson says about how things stand that there is definitely interest in a cooperation. How that cooperation could look to help as quickly as possible is currently being assessed.

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation will keep you updated in this respect.