Project money available for Leipzig primary schools

EUR 10,000 for Leipzig primary schools – many things are lacking in Leipzig’s primary schools! This strong sentence is not intended to cast doubt on the competence of teaching staff and school partners. But it makes clear that the situation of many primary schools in Leipzig is more than precarious.


In most cases, this is not due to a lack of initiative, but rather the financial resources, which are often even more scant compared to secondary schools. The Ralf Rangnick Foundation has decided to announce 10 x EUR 1,000 for small projects to reward the desire for change and the ideas from school partners. Our foundation head Philipp Streit states: We want to show the schools that we are there and pleased to help them. This is about the concept of promoting the ten best project ideas with EUR 1,000 each. In order to guarantee transparency, we have sent uniform, easy-to-complete application forms digitally, and have stipulated the evaluation criteria.

In the remaining holiday period, it is now the Ralf Rangnick Foundation's task to read through the project applications which have been received, and to issue the sponsorship notices. As well as announcing the decisions in the first several weeks after the start of school, we will provide information about the contents shortly.