“The right attitude makes the difference: Ralf Rangnick visits football holiday camp in Leipzig

The 61-year-old football coach visited a DFB football holiday camp for the Stiftung Egidius Braun first time. He met with more than 60 young participants in Leipzig at a 90-minute round table. An impressive morning.


It is exactly 9 am when Ralf Rangnick enters Egidius-Braun-Sportschule in Abtnaundorfer Strasse. In recent years, Leipzig has become my second home, he said. I like the city. It is growing, lively and modern. Rangnick’s audience are young footballers. They come from TuS Osnabrück-Haste 01, TV Dinklage, Landesberger SV and JSG BDE Barnsdorfer SV. They are visiting the city of the “red bulls” for a week upon invitation by the DFB Stiftung Egidius Braun. We gather the kids plus trainers and carers from their home regions and bear all of the costs for accommodation, meals, the programme and travel expenses, says Tobias Wrzesinski, the managing director of the foundation, who is accompanying the celebrity visitors together with Thomas Schaarschmidt, the managing director of the Ralf Rangnick Foundation, and Markus Bienert, the managing director of the Saxon Football Association. 

Education is central to Rangnick’s life.

Ralf Rangnick takes time and gives insights into his “football life”. You can sense the infectious enthusiasm the football coach embodies. I love my players, he emphasises, and adds, smiling: Nuturing is sometimes stressful, but is always fun. Upbringing, education and further training, these are the themes for the man who actually wanted to become a high school teacher after his degree in English and sports. But football intervened. Even during my time as a sports director, I never stopped thinking like a coach. I know all of our players from the U15 area onwards, Ralf Rangnick claims proudly – he has been working as “Head of Sport and Development Soccer” for Red Bull since the start of July. 

With establishing the Ralf Rangnick Foundation, he also devotes himself to an education context, by promoting, for example, cycling training for primary schoolers, healthy eating programmes, and digital education at primary school age. Education makes the difference. At RB we make sure that all young players achieve the best-possible school-leaving qualifications, Ralf Rangnick explains. If you want to get further in life, you have to deal with the present and the future, and make the best of your options, he says, and emphasises: It’s about having the right attitude! The decisive factor is the individual mentality.

His enthusiasm is infectious. The young people are fully engrossed. Man, he knows everything about football, whispers one, as the question round is in full swing. At the end, Rangnick has one more special surprise. Spontaneously, he invited the young people to the test game between RB Leipzig versus FC Zürich (1:4). Excitement was high. A truly impressive morning.

Source: DFB-Stiftung Egidius Braun: translation of news article dated 15.07.2019