“Kids biker licence” for Leipzig primary schools

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation starts engaging in the trade-fair city.


Kick-off: Today, 28 August 2019, the Leipzig police department, the City of Leipzig, the Saxon road patrol (Landesverkehrswacht Sachsen e.V.) and the Leipzig road patrol (Messestadt-Verkehrswacht Leipzig) signed a cooperation contract to promote bicycle education for pupils attending Leipzig’s primary schools and schools for children with special needs. As part of this, the Ralf Rangnick Foundation handed over two completely equipped VW Crafters as mobile junior traffic training centres to the Leipzig police department and the road patrol (Verkehrswacht).

Expansion of cycling training

Founder Ralf Rangnick, former RB Leipzig coach and sports director as well as current Head of Sport & Development Soccer at Red Bull said that…, With our first mobile junior traffic training centres, we are implementing the need stemming from Leipzig's primary schools for a quantitative and qualitative expansion of cycling training education in one of Saxony’s densest traffic metropolises. The Ralf Rangnick Foundation believes: every child is precious.

We want to decisively improve the situation of children who are of primary-school age, and not only with the “kids biker licence” –regardless of their social origin or their level of education.

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation invests a solid EUR 150,000

Together with representatives of the Saxon Interior Ministry, the Police Commissioner of the City of Leipzig, Torsten Schultze, Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung, and the Chair of Landesverkehrswacht e.V., Andreas Retsch, Ralf Rangnick presented two VW Crafters today, equipped with special bicycles, helmets and signs for bicycle training. The foundation has invested a solid EUR 150,000 in acquiring, converting, equipping and maintaining the two vehicles.

At the start of the 2019/2020 school year, the two new vans will be managed by traffic police or police officers and used for the prescribed bicycle training. In this context, at least 70 appointments per vehicle per year are planned at Leipzig's primary and special schools from the Ralf Rangnick Foundation's sponsor area.

The foundation would also like to revise the guidelines for bicycle training, develop new teaching materials and train police officers in the areas of education and methodology together with the police prevention team. In parallel to the training established in everyday school life, the intention is to offer informal training measures to teach children how to ride bicycles safely and about traffic safety in general.


About the Ralf Rangnick Foundation

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation strives to support children in their development into responsible, independent and capable young adults. The foundation’s vision is: Education is the basis of a strong, sustainable society. Created in 2018 by Ralf Rangnick, former RB Leipzig coach and sports director as well as current Head of Sport & Development Soccer Red Bull, the foundation team devotes itself to projects in the areas of exercise, nutrition, science and technology (STEM), as well as music and creativity.


Contact partners:

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Ms Katja Rösener, Communication consultant
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In the photo, from left to right: Ralf Rangnick, Founder/Burkhard Jung, Lord Mayor, City of Leipzig/Torsten Schultze, Leipzig Police Commissioner/Andreas Retsch, Verkehrswacht Messe-Stadt Leipzig