Schools go digital Re-Learning how to learn

Schools go digital

Re-Learning how to learn

86.723€ of 600.000€
86.723€ of 600.000€


Schools Go Digital will transform weaknesses in our antiquated educational system.
We want to facilitate digitalisation, accelerate the German Digital Pact and establish processes of digital learning on a permanent basis.


Access to digital education portals, participation in virtual lessons or, quite simply, well-structured, successful instruction away from classrooms and classmates is denied to many children.

On the one hand, this is because of a lack of equipment or internet access, while, on the other, this is due to a lack of concepts for designing and conveying the teaching content using digital resources.

 In spite of the high level of dedication displayed by many teachers, the past weeks have shown that, in addition to improved technical equipment, we will also need new processes, educational approaches and didactic concepts to master the new school year.

Who can participate?

In 2020/2021, digitalisation of grade 3 will be tried out at 5 pilot schools throughout Germany.

What are the contents?

First of all, digitalisation requires an analysis of the existing digital equipment – we will discover where there are problems and identify digital weaknesses.

Digital experts from the digital workshops, media educators and IT experts are all supporting the joint development of educational strategies and didactic concepts.

In the framework of concept development, we provide support in applying for federal funds under the Digital Pact. Media educators support teachers in the digitalisation process in the train-the-trainer programme because the teachers’ mindset and commitment are of decisive importance for success in digitalisation.  

Afterwards, we will support them in implementing the learning software and, in line with this, the digitalisation of lessons.


Our visions, which are initiated and planned by the Ralf Rangnick Foundation, are based on the experiences of digital pioneers as Verena Pausder, executive director of the Digital Education for All registered association, networks as #wirfürschule, the federal council of parents and the ministries of culture and media education centres.


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